Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Installing freebsd on a Samsung N140

I had this notebook lying around given as a gift by my employer due to all the hard work we did getting the Intel App Up thing going for CES; as I already had a netbook working quite well with Opensolaris I didn't pay to much attention to this one until recently.

Opensolaris has been lacking some updates and breakage lately, so I decided to pull out this netbook and get FreeBSD working on it. I did this some time ago and my intention was to document it as I am very forgetful of what I have done and what I have not.

The install was pretty straight forward, I grabbed the freebsd-8.0 RELEASE, you can find it

Post install, everything basically boots up fine. Wired networking works, so at least I have some form of networking, wireless does not though and that is when I find out that installing or upgrading to freebsd-8.0 STABLE would be a good idea as there were commits there that would allow the atheros wireles card to work.

More to come...

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