Monday, September 22, 2008

puppet ebook and digital reading

I've been playing with puppet... well, it may actually go into production (lab production that is) so playing might not be that accurate. As usual I found myself fooling around the web and ran into this which I yet haven't listened to. Anyhow in the comments I saw someone talk about a book he wrote published on Apress. I followed the link, and as an impulse and because I never bought an ebook before, I decided to purchase it and check it out. The book in question is titled "Pulling Strings with Puppet: Configuration Management Made Easy".

I thought I didn't like to read ebooks, but somehow the feeling is quite different when the actual artifact was a purchased one. The value one inadvertently gives to such things astonishes me.

I'm also subscribed to the IEEE and rather read what is provided over digital media, but constantly look over what I get in print. I guess it is more related to the feeling and ease when skipping pages and going back and forth. I value that a lot, too bad it doesn't feel so good when you think about the trees at stake...