Tuesday, July 29, 2008

opensolaris on the eee

After getting my 2[GB} RAM module I've decided to turn my eee which had xubuntu into an opensolaris carrier. I went with the snv_93 snapshot.

Problems found where the usual ones, keyboard did not work, plugging in a USB keyboard and unplugging it made the integrated keyboard work. To avoid this I read somewhere that making Solaris boot in debug mode (verbose '-v'), made the issue go away. So now I have some detailed boot up messages and a working keyboard. I wonder how much overhead that could cause.

Sound's working thanks to OSS, wireless works thanks to this driver.
I haven't tried the camera, the wired network isn't working, suspend failed and I can't install any big package onto the system (due to limited space).

What I'd like to get working are the special keys, I'll have to investigate and see if someone's done it already or move on and see if I can work on it myself. Getting the webcam to work isn't a priority of mine since I used it for skyping and since skype is not available for solaris yet, I don't have any motivation to walk that walk. I still need to configure the touchpad to get scrolling on the go.

Leaving that aside, all in all, I'm quite happy. So now I need space on my eee which only has 4[GiB], what else to do in the rush:

$ for i in `zfs list -t snapshot | grep -v NAME|awk '{print $1 }'`; do pfexec zfs destroy "${i}"; done
$ df -h|head -3
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
2.8G 2.4G 372M 87% /

I'm still short on space failing to install things. I'll see if I can get around this somehow, some other day...