Monday, October 06, 2008

snv_98 on the EEE 701

I don't have any huge drives to perform a pkg image-update so I took the easy route and just performed a backup of my data popped in a USB DVD drive and booted OpenSolaris current (snv_98).

After installation I still got some errors:
  • Still have to add -v to boot options
  • Power status reports problems about an old battery
  • Stumped into a problem while trying to perform a search which went away after performing a package remove:
    $ pkg search NVIDIA
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/usr/bin/pkg", line 1958, in ?
    ret = main_func()
    File "/usr/bin/pkg", line 1930, in main_func
    return search(img, pargs)
    File "/usr/bin/pkg", line 916, in search
    searches.append(img.local_search(pargs, case_sensitive))
    File "/usr/lib/python2.4/vendor-packages/pkg/client/", line 1738, in local_search
    res =, self.gen_installed_pkg_names())
    File "/usr/lib/python2.4/vendor-packages/pkg/client/", line 59, in search
    matched_ids, res = self.search_internal(query)
    File "/usr/lib/python2.4/vendor-packages/pkg/", line 158, in search_internal
    assert ((term == tok) or
    pkg: This is an internal error. Please let the developers know about this
    problem by filing a bug at and including the
    above traceback and this message. The version of pkg(5) is '1b1547cb8655'.

The disk was quite full (4GB) after installation, so I started to remove some software drivers I would never use, note that removing some of these don't add up to much space:
$ pfexec pkg uninstall NVDAgraphics pkg:/slim_install pkg:/babel_install
$ pfexec pkg uninstall pkg:/SUNWatigfx
$ pfexec pkg uninstall pkg:/BRCMbnx pkg:/SUNWbge pkg:/SUNWvia823x pkg:/SUNWnvsata pkg:/SUNWmegasas pkg:/SUNWnge pkg:/SUNWiwk pkg:/SUNWwpi pkg:/SUNWnxge pkg:/SUNWpcwl pkg:/SUNWrge
$ pkg search wireless| sed -e '1d' | awk '{ print $4 }'| xargs pfexec pkg uninstall

To get audio working you need audiohd from here

A new atheros driver is needed, download it from here:
$ pfexec /usr/sbin/pkgadd -d ~/Download/driver/SUNWatheros

One particular network returned:
Oct 3 20:22:59 nargothrond nwamd[717]: [ID 134467 daemon.error] failed to read zenity output

So I had to do a:
$ pfexec svcadm disable -t nwam
$ pfexec svcadm enable -t physical:default
$ pfexec dladm connect-wifi -e LAB-UBP
$ pfexec ifconfig ath0 auto-dhcp

Back to removing unnecessary software, I don't use thunderbird so:
$ ls /var/pkg/pkg/|grep thund|xargs pfexec pkg uninstall

The screen is too small for desklets:
$ pfexec pkg uninstall SUNWgnome-desklets

No need for accessibility for me (yet):
$ pfexec pkg uninstall pkg:/SUNWgnome-a11y-dasher
$ pfexec pkg uninstall pkg:/SUNWgnome-a11y-gok
$ pfexec pkg uninstall pkg:/SUNWgnome-a11y-reader

No need for i18n:
$ pfexec pkg uninstall pkg:/SUNWiiimf

Removing the package manager gui:
$ pfexec pkg uninstall pkg:/SUNWipkg-gui

Destroying the @install pools adds up into more space:
$ pfexec zfs destroy rpool/ROOT/opensolaris@install
$ pfexec zfs destroy rpool/ROOT@install
$ pfexec zfs destroy rpool@install

Suspend to ram is working fine with this configuration.