Sunday, June 01, 2008

On the opensolaris bandwagon

So I just spent the last couple of hours getting Opensolaris 200805 on my PC. I previously had SXCE on, build 81 I think. The move was not as straightforward as I would've liked, then again, it can be blamed entirely on myself since I did not read the Release Notes.

On my first try, I got my USB pen thingy and used the tool provided to copy over what was on the live CD onto my pen drive. So the USB pen drive was my first input into trying to install. Well, I couldn't even get the live system to load, which was good because I forgot to export my zfs filesystem which was not on my Solaris partition in order in re import it cleanly on the new install.

So I just moved on to the livecd, popped up the gui-install app and was on my way, chose the current partitining got to 99% and it just stalled there. So I restarted...

... and on my last try (many omitted), I just deleted my Solaris partition, my primary Linux Swap partition and created a new Solaris 2 partition on top of both. I also destroyed the rpool zfs that was lying around and got it to install.

Right now I'm installing openoffice, sunstudioexpress and netbeans with ips. While waiting for it to finish I went on and was going to re setup my cbe environment as I had in SXCE to build some applications out of the spec files provided.

I was going to document that but found this, so if it works, great, if not I'll document the differences.

While I waited I also created a sourceforge accout with the intent of contributing some spec files. I hope I can live up to my own expectations and do it.